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More Than Just Houses: Pinnacle Homes Celebrates Dads with Heartfelt Surprise!

June 14, 2024

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Pinnacle Homes Fathers Day surprise

Makati City, June 14, 2024  – In a heartwarming celebration of Father’s Day, fast-growing real estate developer Pinnacle Homes, surprised its dad employees with special gifts. The event, held at the Pinnacle Homes Main Office in Makati, was organized by the HR Group under the leadership of HR and Admin Manager Elai Balmes.

The surprise gift-giving event was met with smiles and expressions of gratitude from the dad employees. Each received a thoughtfully curated gift bag containing a pouch organizer, trendy socks, and a heartfelt note of appreciation from the company. The gesture was intended to celebrate their role as fathers and to acknowledge the balance they maintain between their professional and personal lives.

Parallel to Pinnacle Homes’ dedication to empowering Filipinos to achieve the milestone of homeownership is the understanding that its employees also have dreams for themselves and their families. By honoring its employees, Pinnacle Homes exemplifies its belief that “Live the Dream” extends beyond providing affordable housing; it means supporting the personal and familial aspirations of its team members as well.

With such initiatives, Pinnacle Homes continues to build not just houses, but a community where dreams are nurtured and celebrated. Happy Father’s Day to all the incredible dads at Pinnacle Homes!

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